YOG MANTHAN-Prarthna Pose

Prayer (Prarthna)

What is Prayer?

Prayers are unrejected applications to the supreme source of life and existence. Unity is the primary concern for chanting a prayer.

When to pray?

Prayer is something you chant any time while doing your work, it can also be done while one’s cooking and also at the same time as taking care of your kids ,while sweeping the floor ,taking bath ,any time in your mind if you feel you can chant a prayer. There are some specific time when the prayer chanted can reap more benefits, that is when the morning & evening time meet together. It is an auspicious time to chant a prayer. Almost between 5.30 & 6.30 am in the morning & almost 6 to 7 pm in the evening. This particular time is very important when you choose to chant or to pray to the lord. That’s why we see morning pooja & evening pooja in the temples. The particular time of chanting will provide more benefits & results in one’s life.

Why to pray?

Prayer should not be done as a beseecher or pleader rather it should be practised to align one’s energy to the balance so that one can feel peace and oneness with others. It stabilises oneself internally to deal with the outer chaos of world while feeling exuberant.

Do prayers work instantly?

Prayers are not instant cup of tea/coffee. But yes prayers work instantly it gives positiveness & strength. It internalises togetherness with every being filled with life. Remember every word has its own emotion and expression that holds the power to create the same emotion in the world. So while chanting one should remain positive and conscious to the chant prayed and the emotions conveyed by it to the world. What goes out in the form of chant will result in one’s peace and exuberance.

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