What is Mudra?

In Sanskrit, Mudra means “closure” or “seal”. Our body is made-up of Five Elements or Panchabhuta. Five elements are Earth (Prithvi), Water or Jal, Air or Vayu, Fire or Agni, Ether or Akasha.

The thumb represents fire, while the index finger represents air, the middle finger represents ether, the ring finger represents earth, and the little finger represents water.

Mudras balances five elements in our body. When practiced regularly, they may purify our bio-magnetic field and shield us from negative influences.

Kalesvara Mudra is hasta mudra (a posture of the hands) to channel and direct energy in the body, mind and soul.  Kalesvara means the lord of time. This mudra calms the mind and can change character traits for the betterment with positivity.  This mudra is very effective in a person who is struggling with a restless mind, undesirable thoughts, anger, hatred, impatient and addictions.

How to do mudra:

  • Place the tips of your middle fingers together.
  • Now touch the first two joints of index fingers, ring fingers and little fingers.
  • Bend fingers pointing downward.
  • Both thumb tips touching & pointing toward your chest.
  • Elbows towards the waist not outside.
  • Gently close your eyes. Inhale and exhale slowly & deeply.
  • Practice it at least 10-20 minutes daily.

Benefits of Kalesvara Mudra:

  • Kalesvara mudra calms down the mind, it’s very effective and helpful  in quitting addictions
  • It makes person’s will power strong and positive .It develops strong determination.
  • It enhances memory and concentration.
  • This is powerful mudra it changes negative thoughts in to positive also good to help change character traits, habits & actions.


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