“Aim to make a positive difference in someone’s life every single
day … including your own.”
~ Doe Zantamata
“Life has taught me that respect, caring and love must be shared,
for its only through sharing that friendships are born.”
~ Donna A. Favors
Yog Manthan celebrated Friendship Day with underprivile
children of Hasanpur Village mostly studying in MCD schools.
Students from nursery to VIII th standard. It was fun filled and
informative workshop.
This workshop was conducted to apprise them with four “R’s” i.e.
Reuse, Reduce, Recycle & Refuse materials to save environment.
Dr. Poonam Singh ( Gen Sec Yog Manthan) acquainted them about
importance of water. Why to drink water, when to drink and how to
drink water; these facts were well explained by her.
To inculcate the values of Self –Awareness and enhance
interpersonal skills Yoga session was also organised. Different
asanas, pranayama, mudras and meditation were practiced.
A “Happiness session“was introduced with a question “What
makes you Happy?” by Mrs. Shakti (educationist). Children shared
their own views and experiences stating the reasons for their


We are happy when we

 Dance ,sing, do painting
 Visit our relatives
 Celebrate birthday and festivals
 Get appreciated
 Score good marks
 Share things with our friends
 Help our parents
 Do good things in our life
 Make someone feel good

Mrs. Shakti said “Be Happy”. Life is all about spreading happiness
everywhere. Identify your strengths and weaknesses. Leave no
stone unturned to convert your weaknesses into strengths. Believe
in yourself and the world will be yours. Set your goals and do all
efforts to achieve them.
After the session, children showcased their talent of singing and
dancing. Their zeal and enthusiasm were clearly visible on their
sparkling and smiling face.
A token of love in the form of steel water bottle was gifted to them
by YOG MANTHAN and “I AM Foundation”. Event was well
supported by Yog Manthan team members Mr Anand, Mr Sanjay, Mr
Abhishek and Ms Rashi Sood.

One of the deep secrets of life is that all that is really worth the
doing is what we do for others.
— Lewis Carroll

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